V series double vane pumps 2520V38A17-1AB22R

V series double vane pumps 2520V38A17-1AB22R

Product name:V series double vane pumps 2520V38A17-1AB22R



V series double vane pumps 2520V38A17-1AB22R 

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Zhangfa hydraulic for industrial use to provide the most complete hydraulic sub - blade pump. A variety of single and multiple pump configurations allow you to select the most suitable pump or pump set for your use. The pump you choose is backed by more than 20 years of engineering and manufacturing skills of Zhangfa hydraulic.
This cost-effective pump provides over 90% volumetric efficiency and as low as 62 dB(A) noise at 210 bar(3000 psi) operating pressure. By replacing the in-place repair of the pump movement can shorten the shutdown time to improve productivity.
General descriptions:
Vane pumps provide long life, high productivity and application flexibility. Extremely low noise levels are suitable for the most demanding industrial USES. Compact size and ease of use allow maximum flexibility in device design. Single pump, double pump and through shaft drive pump available.
Features and advantages:
The ability to achieve high working pressure in compact dimensions ensures high power to weight ratio and low installation cost.
The inherent low noise characteristic of the sub-blade mechanism improves the operator's comfort.
Vane system ensures small flow pulsation amplitude and low system noise characteristics.
Designed to prevent internal induced shaft and bearing radial load of hydraulic balance to ensure long life.
Dual pump and through shaft drive configurations save installation locations and costs by eliminating biaxial extension motors or by reducing the number of motors and drive couplings.
Sixteen flow displacement and the ability to achieve high working pressure for your flow and pressure requirements across the entire range of the best choice and single source capacity. Factory tested core assemblies are installed and provided with a new pump core assembly structure to ensure rapid and efficient field maintenance.
The movement and drive shaft are separated, it is easy to change the flow capacity and oil inlet and outlet orientations into four different relative positions without folding the pump from its base, providing great installation flexibility and convenience for machine design.

Double vane pump 2520V series of common models :
vane pump 2520V-14A5-1BB22R
vane pump factory 2520V-14A5-1CC22R
vane pump manufacturer 2520V-14A5-1DD22R
vane pump 2520V-14A8-1BB22R
vane pump 2520V-14A8-1CC22R maker
vane pump 2520V-14A8-1DD22R for sale
vane pump 2520V-17A5-1BB22R wholesale
deal in vane pump 2520V-17A5-1CC22R    
vane pumps 2520V-17A5-1DD22R    
vane pump 2520V-17A5-1AB22R    
vane pump 2520V-17A8-1AA22R    
vane pump 2520V-17A8-1BB22R    
vane pump 2520V-17A8-1CC22R    
hydraulic vane pump 2520V-17A8-1CC22L    
Shenzhen vane pump 2520V-17A8-1CB22R           
China vane pump 2520V-21A2-1AA22R    
USA vane pump 2520V-21A2-1CC22R    
Japan vane pump 2520V-21A5-1AA22R    
Germany vane pump 2520V-21A5-1CC22R    
vane pump 2520V-21A5-1DD22R    
high quality vane pump 2520V-21A8-1AA22R    
vane pump 2520V-21A8-1BB22R quality assured one year    
vane pump 2520V-21A8-1CC22R    
Dongguan vane pump 2520V-21A8-1DD22R
Zhejiang vane pump 2520V-12A2-1BB22R
Shanghai vane pump 2520V-12A2-1CA22R
Shandong vane pump 2520V-12A5-1DD22R
Shanghai vane pump 2520V-12A5-1AD22R
Jiangshu vane pump 2520V-12A8-1AA22R
Foshan vane pump 2520V-12A8-1CC22R
Guangzhou vane pump 2520V-12A8-1DD22R
Zhongshan vane pumps 2520V-17A5-1AA-22R   
vane pump 2520V-17A5-1AA-22R
vane pump 2520V-17A11-1DD22R   
vane pump 2520V-17A14-1AA22R   
vane pump 2520V-17A14-1CC22R   
vane pump 2520V-17A14-1CB22R  
vane pump 2520V-21A11-1AA22R   
vane pump 2520V-21A11-1BB22R   
vane pump 2520V-21A11-1CC22R   
vane pump 2520V-21A11-1AB22R   
vane pump 2520V-21A11-1DA22R   
vane pump 2520V-21A12 1AA22R   
vane pump 2520V-21A12 1BB22R   
vane pump 2520V-21A12 1CC22R   
vane pump 2520V-21A12 1DD22R   
vane pump 2520V-21A12 1CB22R   
vane pump 2520V-21A14 1AA22R   
vane pump 2520V-21A14 1DD22R   
2520V-21A14-1AB22R vane pump
India vane pump 2520V-21A14 1AC22R   
Thailand vane pump 2520V-21A14 1AD22R   
Brasil vane pump 2520V-21A14 1CB22R    
vane pump 2520V-12A11 1AA22R
Vietnam vane pump 2520V-12A11 1DD22R
Indonesia vane pump 2520V-14A11 1AA22R
Malaysia vane pump 2520V-14A11 1BB22R
vane pump 2520V-14A11 1CC22R
vane pump 2520V-14A11 1DD22R
vane pump 2520V-17A11 86DD22R     
vane pump 2525V-21A17 86DA22R
Spare replacement purchase: you can directly provide the brand and model and send it to our customer service (if you do not know the model, you can directly take pictures of the equipment and send it to us).
Engineering design and procurement: please provide the required size, displacement, pressure and other data parameters, and what kind of equipment should be applied to (our excellent technical team will calculate the appropriate model for you).
Maintenance service: please provide the name of mechanical equipment, model number of oil pump or motor and failure phenomenon (in order to better solve the problem for you, please take pictures of the faulty equipment you need to repair and send to us).

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