VQ series double vane pump 2520VQ

VQ series double vane pump 2520VQ

Product name:VQ series double vane pump 2520VQ



VQ series double vane pump 2520VQ

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VQ series double vane pump other models: 2520VQ 3520VQ 3525VQ 4520VQ 4525VQ 4535VQ 
VQ series double vane pump features:
1. The ability to achieve high working pressure in compact shape and size, ensuring high power to weight ratio and low installation cost.
2. The inherent low noise characteristics of the sub-blade mechanism can improve the comfort of operators.
3. Blade system ensures small amplitude of flow pulsation and low noise characteristics of the system.
4, designed to prevent internal induced shaft and bearing radial load of hydraulic balance to ensure long life.
5. Double pump and through shaft drive configurations save installation location and cost by eliminating double-shaft extension motors or by reducing the number of motors and driving couplings.
6. VICKERS vane single pump features and VICKERS vane pump through shaft drive provide valuable loop design flexibility, such as the realization of quantitative and variable type on a single input drive.
7, 16 kinds of flow displacement and the ability to achieve high working pressure for your flow and pressure requirements for the whole range of zui best choice and single source capacity.
8. The vane pump core kit tested by the factory provides the performance of the new pump after installation.
9. The structure of the movement kit can ensure rapid and efficient field maintenance. The movement is separated from the drive shaft, making it easy to change flow capacity and maintain without having to fold the pump off its base.
10. VICKERS vane single pump features and VICKERS vane pump inlet and outlet can be oriented into four different relative positions, providing great installation flexibility and facilitating machine design.
ZF Hydraulic single vane pump features and doulbe vane pumps:
This cost-effective vane pump provides volume efficiency of more than 90% and noise levels as low as 62dB(A) at 210 bar(3000 psi) operating pressure. Not only this product through the replacement of the vane pump movement can be repaired on the spot, greatly shorten the shutdown time, so as to improve production efficiency.
VICKERS vane pump common series:
Single pump: V10, V20, 20V, 25V, 35V, 45V, etc.
Double pump: 2520V, 3520V, 3525V, 4520V, 4525V, 4535V and so on.

Double vane pump other modes:

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