Fan cooler AF0510T-CA 220V

Fan cooler AF0510T-CA 220V

Product name:Fan cooler AF0510T-CA 220V



Fan cooler AF0510T-CA 220V

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Supply air cooler, cooler, hydraulic oil cooler AF0510T quality assurance.

Overview of air cooler:
Wind cooler is a kind of cooler, the characteristics of the use of air as a heat exchange medium for heat exchange, heat away through the air, so also known as the air cooler. Generally speaking, the heat dissipation effect of the wind cooler mainly depends on the heat exchange area and air volume of its component radiator. Simply put: the same heat exchange area, the greater the air volume, the better the heat dissipation effect; the same air volume, the greater the heat exchange area, the better the heat dissipation effect.
At present, the air cooler widely used at home and abroad is made of aluminum alloy with good thermal conductivity, the fluid passage and air passage are of advanced plate-fin structure, the core is made of vacuum brazing, and the fluid passage is equipped with internal fins. Compared with the traditional copper tube type, the heat exchange area per unit volume is greatly improved, 10-20 times of the traditional copper tube type structure, and the heat exchange efficiency is excellent. It is often used as the auxiliary part of the hydraulic transmission system to cool the hydraulic oil to obtain the normal working temperature (range) of the hydraulic oil and improve the working stability of the hydraulic system and the service life of the parts
AF/AH/ACE/D series aluminum alloy air cooler is specially made of aluminum alloy with light weight, good seismic strength and high heat exchange efficiency. In the structure, the heat pipe has built-in fins, to increase the heat dissipation area, speed up the heat conductivity, under the action of the fan, the air as the cooling source, the heat will be forced away, so as to obtain a low cost, high efficiency cooling effect, as the market radiator. Scope of application: hydraulic system, lubricating system, transmission oil system, berthing oil system, vehicle oil system, electric power system, etc. More horsepower requirements, welcome to order
Product features:
1. Radiator: the body adopts the leading welding process in China, with fine and even welding grain (according to the requirements of export process), good air tightness and strong earthquake resistance; Its heat exchange core adopts foreign design, with the same volume ratio -- large heat transfer area and high heat dissipation efficiency.
2. Fan: large-volume brand fan.
3. Connector: standard 1.5m wiring is provided.
Main products
Spot supply domestic shaoyang pump, qidong pump, ningbo pump, dongdan plunger pump; Various weigeshi pump, oil grinding pump, gear pump, VP pump, vane pump, double high and low pressure pump; Various domestic and imported valves: electromagnetic directional valve, superposition valve, manual valve, speed regulating valve, overflow valve, back pressure valve, one-way valve, electro-hydraulic directional valve, cooler, coupling, pressure relay, automatic oiler, hand pump. Centralized lubrication device and pipeline accessories, oil port, oil temperature gauge, filter, pressure gauge, corker, oil block and other hydraulic accessories. Can be customized according to customer requirements of various vertical, horizontal hydraulic station; Injection molding machine accessories; Screw barrel, pump, valve and other hydraulic parts;
Design, manufacture, system oil supporting standard, non - standard hydraulic station. Press injection machine with complete oil circuit, integrated board. Sell pressure pipes. Standard, non-standard cylinder, cylinder cylinder, cylinder core.
Professional maintenance
For example: injection molding machine, cold press, vulcanizing machine, four-column oil press, hydraulic press, shoe machine, bending machine, hot press, cutting bed. 5-500 tons hydraulic cold press, hydraulic press, can also provide annual maintenance of the machine.
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