ZHANGFA hydraulic set the goal of 2019!

Author:Zhou Date:4/4/2019 4:51:21 AM
ZHANGFAZHANGFA hydraulic set the goal of 2019!
The arrival of the April has already come, means to carry out a quarter of 2019 data zhangfa hydraulic and major manufacturers also have to show more, some unsatisfactory, and some results achieved the goal, this time we mainly through discussion for the coming festival, there are double 12, to know the amount of last year's carnival reached a record high of 96 billion dollars! This several times carved up each factory can get good data, so I plant all staff must be in the best state, the best preparation, to meet the end of the sprint!
Sales volume is only a small target of ZHANGFA, while our big target is the quality of products, production capacity, user group adhesiveness, customer satisfaction is the direction we have been working on.
We often remind myself, no matter before is a failure or success, that is a thing of the past, the key is to grasp now, a member of the work in Zhangfa hydraulic company, we should not only responsible for the user, at the same time should also be responsible for yourself, don't waste a minute, only all staff struggle together, we can bring better products for users, the company can develop and expand, itself also to be able to develop large young! hydraulic set the goal of 2019!ZHANGFA hydraulic set the goal of 2019!  www.hydromax.online

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