The role of accumulator in solenoid valve test

Author:FA Date:10/19/2018 7:09:10 AM
The role of accumulator in solenoid valve test

(1) absorb hydraulic impact
The quick opening and closing of the solenoid valve will generate pressure shock in the hydraulic system. Such pressure shock will cause a significant increase in system pressure, resulting in the damage of instruments, components and sealing devices in the system, and generate vibration and noise. Therefore, the energy accumulator can be installed before the impact source to absorb and cushion the hydraulic impact.
(2) compensate leakage
It is not economical to start the pump frequently to compensate internal leakage when the electromagnetic valve sealing test and leakage test require hydraulic system pressure maintenance. Therefore, the accumulator can be used to compensate internal leakage to maintain the required pressure and discharge the pump. In this way, the service life of the pump can be extended and energy consumption can be reduced.
(3) eliminate pulsations and reduce noise
In the hydraulic system of the electromagnetic valve test bench, the plunger pump is adopted and the number of plunges is small. The parameters of the system, such as pressure and flow rate, fluctuate greatly, which will generate vibration and noise. If the energy accumulator is installed in the system, the pulsation can be significantly reduced, so that the damage accident of the vibration-sensitive instrument and valve can be greatly reduced, and the noise can be significantly reduced.

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