The important role of energy storage in hydraulic system

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The important role of energy storage in hydraulic system

The purpose of the accumulator is to store the pressure oil in the hydraulic system and to release it again when needed. Its main function is shown in the following aspects.
1. As auxiliary power source
The actuator of some hydraulic systems is intermittent motion, the total working time is very short, although the actuator of some hydraulic systems is not intermittent motion, but in a working cycle (or in one stroke) the speed difference is very big. After the energy accumulator is installed in the system, a pump of low power can be adopted to reduce the power of the main transmission, making the whole hydraulic system small in size, light in weight and cheap in price.
2. As an emergency power source
Some systems require the actuator to continue to perform the necessary actions in the event of pump failure or power failure (sudden interruption of oil supply to the actuator). For example, for safety reasons, the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder must be indented into the cylinder. In such cases, an appropriate capacity of the accumulator is required as an emergency power source.
3. Replenish leakage and maintain constant pressure
For systems where the actuator does not operate for long periods of time, but maintains constant pressure, the pressure is constant by compensating leakage with a accumulator.
4. Absorb hydraulic shock
Due to sudden reversal of the reversing valve, sudden stop of the hydraulic pump, sudden stop of the movement of the actuator, even emergency braking of the actuator required by human, the fluid flow in the pipeline will change dramatically, resulting in the impact pressure (oil strike). Although there is a safety valve in the system, it is inevitable that there will be a sudden surge and impact of pressure. This impact pressure often causes the system's instruments, components and seals to fail, or even damage, or break a pipe. If a accumulator is installed before the control valve or hydraulic cylinder impact source, such impact can be absorbed and mitigated.
5. Absorb pulsation and reduce noise
The pump's pulsating flow will cause pressure pulsations, which will make the actuator's moving speed uneven and produce vibration and noise. In the pump outlet parallel response sensitive and small inertia of energy storage, can absorb flow and pressure pulsation, reduce noise.

The above:Matters needing attention for operation of skin type accumulator  

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