Six principles of accumulator selection

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Six principles of accumulator selection

(1) appropriate air pressure
According to the different functions of energy storage in the hydraulic system, the appropriate energy storage device should be selected. When the accumulator is used as the pulsation of the absorption system, the aeration pressure is generally 60% of the average working pressure. When it is used to absorb pressure shock generated by the system, the air pressure shall not be less than the normal working pressure. When it is used as an auxiliary power source, the aeration pressure is generally selected at 80% ~ 90% of the minimum working pressure and should exceed 25% of the maximum working pressure.
(2) adapt to functional requirements
If the accumulator is used to absorb shock and eliminate pulsation, the air bag type and diaphragm type accumulator are more effective. The piston energy storage has poor sensitivity and is not suitable for shock absorption and pulsation elimination.
(3) adapt to the characteristics of medium
Piston accumulator requires higher cleanliness of oil. If the oil is not clean enough, it is better to choose air pocket accumulator and diaphragm accumulator. Gasbag type accumulator or diaphragm type accumulator should be selected for the system with water as the medium, because water is easy to carry more impurities, poor lubricity, and will corrode the piston plating.
(4) suitable for application
The failure of air bag type accumulator is instantaneous failure, while the failure of piston type accumulator is gradual failure. Therefore, different types of accumulator should be selected according to different application situations. The steering and braking system of engineering machinery should be equipped with piston type accumulator instead of air bag type accumulator.
(5) appropriate response time
For applications where response time is less than 25 ms, air bag or diaphragm accumulator should be used. For occasions where response time is more than 25 ms, gasbag type, diaphragm type or piston type accumulator can be used.
(6) appropriate cycle frequency
For systems with high cycle frequency, air bag type or diaphragm type accumulator should be chosen, while piston type accumulator should not be selected. This is because too high cycle frequency will lead to unstable piston movement and damaged piston seal.

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