Single acting vane pump

Author:Xiong Date:1/1/2019 2:54:54 AM
Single acting vane pump

Working principle: mainly composed of stator, rotor, blade and oil distribution plate. The inner surface of the stator is a cylindrical shape. The rotor is eccentrically installed in the stator, that is, there is an eccentricity e. The blades are installed in the radial chute of the rotor and can slide radially in the groove. When the rotor rotates, under the action of centrifugal force and pressure oil at the blade root, the blade is close to the inner surface of the stator, so that a sealed working chamber is formed between adjacent two blades. On one side, the blade is gradually extended and the sealing chamber is gradually enlarged, forming a local vacuum and oil absorption. On the other hand, pressure oil is formed. For each rotation of the rotor, the blade slides back and forth in the chute once, completing oil absorption once and oil pressure once. The radial force produced by oil pressure is unbalanced, so it is called single acting type, also known as unbalanced vane pump.

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