Precision robust problems how to troubleshoot

Author:Zhou Date:2/17/2019 5:46:39 AM
Precision robust problems how to troubleshoot

The following is the summary of ZHANGFA hydraulic precision hydraulic device
The internal and external leakage of precision stabilizer is large.
Precision robust cover and gear face, is the main cause of the fault. This part of the wear and tear leakage or large gap caused by internal leakage accounted for 40% to 80% of the total leakage, the method to reduce the leakage is to repair the wear and tear parts and ensure that these parts with reasonable clearance.
Will easily produce hydraulic gear pump in the pipeline position, set the accumulator absorb shock pressure, the low pressure oil and high precision robust machine oil cavity lost sealing isolation action, produces the high and low pressure is unstable, unbalanced radial force make the tip of the gear near the oil pump shell, because precision sound device adopts the iron, copper and other materials, so using temperature not too high, and the wear of the pump body parts, low pressure chamber oil surface impurities lead to relative motion between the wear and tear, etc., may cause precision sound device and mechanical damage.
High pressure precision stabilizer pump shaft oil seal leakage or always turn
The precision stabilizer overcomes the bearing capacity of the oil seal and turns it over, which can be disassembled, cleaned and dredge.
In the pipeline position where hydraulic impact is easy to occur, a precision stabilizer is set to absorb the impact pressure.
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The above:The working principle of vane pump is introduced

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