Piston pump manufacturers share their distribution plate and cylinder with the flow surface repair method

Author: Date:5/21/2019 6:45:18 PM
Piston pump manufacturers share their distribution plate and cylinder with the flow surface repair method

When we use the plunger pump, sometimes we will encounter such a kind of situation, that is, the plunger pump valve plate and cylinder body valve surface failure, I believe that many users are not strange. So in the event of this failure, what should we do? As a professional plunger pump manufacturer, the following article will introduce its repair method in detail for your reference:
The piston pump valve plate has two forms: plane valve plate and spherical valve plate. The friction pair with spherical flow distribution is repaired by grinding when the scratches on the flow distribution surface of the cylinder block are relatively shallow. When the groove of the flow surface of the cylinder body is deep, the "surface engineering technology" method should be first used to fill the groove, and then grinding, not blind grinding, to prevent the copper layer thinning or oil leakage out of the steel base. The surface flow type friction pair can grind on the high precision platform.
Before grinding cylinder block and distributor plate, the total thickness size and the size to be ground should be measured first, and then compensated to the adjusting pad. If there is a large amount of grinding in the distribution plate, it should be re-heat treated after grinding to ensure the hardness of the hardened layer. Plunger pump parts hardness standard, can use the following method to check with the leakage situation, namely in the valve disk coated with vaseline oil, exhausted, the drainage way with good oil valve disc flat on the platform or on flat glass, and then put the cylinder valve tray, in the cylinder hole injection diesel, want interval oil, namely, filling a hole a hole filling, not watch more than 4 h, piston diesel leakproof and complicity in the hole, cylinder and valve disc grinding is qualified.
Plunger pump service life, and the usual maintenance, the quantity and quality of hydraulic oil, oil cleanliness and so on. It is also an effective way to prolong the service life of the plunger pump to repair the plunger pump and avoid the abrasion caused by the particles in the oil.

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