Matters needing attention for operation of skin type accumulator

Author:FA Date:8/30/2018 9:50:40 AM
Matters needing attention for operation of skin type accumulator

Since the skin accumulator is gradually replaced by other types of energy accumulator and its usage has decreased, some new users may be unfamiliar with it and do not know the matters needing attention when operating, which often has security risks, because the skin accumulator is still a relatively dangerous part in the hydraulic system.

1. When replacing the leather bag, first close the oil inlet valve, open the oil return valve to drain the oil, then connect the air charging tool, loosen the pressure relief valve to deflate, and finally disintegrate the cylinder shell part of the accumulator to replace.

2. The installation of leather accumulator is limited, which can only be installed vertically, and it is difficult to seal. Therefore, please check it more after installation. The correct installation, fixation and aeration are the important conditions for the energy accumulator to function properly.

3. The skin accumulator is easy to damage, so pay more attention to maintenance. Active maintenance not only ensures that hydraulic equipment and components can be built and operated, thus greatly extending the repair cycle and greatly reducing maintenance costs.

4. Regular inspection is also one of the keys to using the skin accumulator. Check both parts and the whole equipment. If abnormal conditions are found during the inspection, the accumulator should be stopped in time, and emergency treatment should be done, and records should be made and solved during regular maintenance.

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