Manual hydraulic gear pump, emergency configuration on hydraulic system

Author:Xiong Date:6/1/2019 2:58:58 AM
Manual hydraulic gear pump, emergency configuration on hydraulic system

Hydraulic gear pump as artificial power is a lot of chimney must be selected for emergency oil supply system, and because of its good pollution resistance, feeding makes it can be used as a lot of wild ham outside equipment, cylinder direct drive oil source, and widely configured in the hydraulic power station.
PM manual hydraulic pump due to its special structural design, has a lot of priority different performance
The pressure oil can be continuously output when the handle is pressed down and raised.
First, after installation can quickly exhaust the air in the cavity, make the cylinder work without crawling phenomenon.
The driving force of the handle is half that of other manual pumps with the same displacement.
Four, easy installation, simple pipeline, can be directly installed in the tank panel, eliminating the single child alone oil absorption and back to the bay by the tube.
Five, can be configured with manual unloading valve, hand ping three four-way reversing valve.
The direction of oil output can be changed or increased conveniently, and the manometer can be installed conveniently.
Vii. Other optional configurations can be added or changed after consultation with the manufacturer.
With the above characteristics, so that the gear pump in the pump station emergency part of the dry with a lot of hydraulic system manufacturers pay special attention.

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