Lubrication gear pump ZHANGFA hydraulic teach you maintenance

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Lubrication gear pump ZHANGFA hydraulic teach you maintenance

External lubrication gear pump is suitable for conveying no lubricity, corrosive, high sanitary conditions do not contain solid particles, fiber and other substances of the general viscosity and high viscosity of the fluid. Widely used in machinery, petroleum, chemical, food, medicine, metallurgy, printing and dyeing, brewing, cosmetics, drinks and other industries. External lubrication gear pump includes WCB type (bearing type) and FXA type (power gear type) two, the difference between the two is that the WCB type external lubrication gear pump is economical and applicable, mostly used for no solid particles, fiber or few conditions,
Outside lubrication working principle of gear pump, master-slave gear meshing each other in the pump body, as a result of the gear tooth top and casing hole table, and the gap between teeth and side plate is very small, so the pressure and suction cavity is separated, when gear rotates, mesh point meshing of the side of the tooth mesh gradually exit, the space increases, the formation of partial vacuum, medium under the action of atmospheric pressure, into the suction chamber, mesh point back into mesh, take out medium between tooth extrusion and output to the line, from the pressure chamber when the gear rotates unceasingly, the gear pump suction and delivery.
Bearing external type external lubrication gear pump adopts the structure of bearing and transmission medium isolation, bearing for separate lubrication, gear made of alloy steel, and adopt special heat treatment process, gear surface hardness up to HRC60, with strong wear resistance, improve the life of the pump.
The main structural characteristics of the external lubrication gear pump of the power gear type are that the transmission medium working wheel and the power transmission gear are separated, the transmission medium working wheel does not carry the transmission power, and the power transmission gear does not contact with the transmission medium. The bearings and power transmission gears are housed in a gearbox with good lubrication. According to their own working conditions carefully designed and manufactured, effectively ensure the working reliability of the pump. Therefore, the pump has a long service life and strong adaptability.
Maintenance editor
(1) the base of the external lubrication gear pump should be fixed on a solid foundation, so as not to affect the normal operation of the pump vibration
(2) external lubrication gear pump in the handling process, should choose the appropriate lifting position, reduce the deformation of the pump.
(3) before the installation of the external lubrication gear pump, check whether the pump and motor are damaged in the process of transportation, such as whether the motor is damp, whether the pump's inlet and outlet dust cover is damaged so that dirt into the pump chamber.
(4) the oil inlet pipe shall be designed with a separate bracket, and the weight of the pipe shall not be borne by the pump.
(5) when installing the inlet and outlet pipelines, clean the inner wall of the pipelines with kerosene first.
(6) the size of the inlet and outlet pipe diameter of the external lubrication gear pump shall not be less than or greater than the inlet diameter of the pump, and the inlet pipe shall be as short as possible to reduce bends. Bend radius should be as large as possible, inlet pipe should be cut into 45 bevel Angle, in order to increase the cross-sectional area of oil. If necessary, metal filter net should be installed at the inlet of the oil inlet, and the effective area of the oil filter net should be no less than three times of the diameter of the pipe.
(7) pump shaft and motor should be installed concentric, with the hand rotary coupling should rotate evenly.
(8) the inlet and outlet of the external lubricating gear pump is in a closed state to prevent dirt from entering the factory, and the dust cover shall be removed during installation.
(9) lubrication pump installation, outdoors when the temperature below 5 ℃ respond to external heat preservation measures are taken to prevent pump body cracking or affect the normal work of the pump.

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