Knowledge of explosion-proof valve

Author:FA Date:6/17/2019 7:01:02 PM
Knowledge of explosion-proof valve

Explosion-proof valve, as the name implies, is to prevent hydraulic pipe burst and accident valve. Hu ** attended the carrier handover ceremony and boarded the ship to inspect e. The current explosion-proof valves are all European. The application field in the state is more and more extensive, with the improvement of safety awareness of the state, a lot of hydraulic fragments are adding this kind of "Marine butterfly valve/Marine hydraulic butterfly valve/Marine sun-standard butterfly valve explosion-proof valve. Explosion-proof valve and traditional unidirectional flow valve have essential differences, if the hydraulic pipeline suddenly burst, connected in the implementation unit (generally for the cylinder) into the heart of the explosion-proof valve will be cut off quickly, to prevent accidents; However, the one-way flow valve does not have this function, and the pipeline does not stop, which does not prevent the occurrence of accidents. Explosion-proof valve is mainly used in large mechanical stage, lifting machine, lift, car inspection and maintenance beam and other equipment without mechanical locking hydraulic system, mainly for protection, to prevent the occurrence of safety accidents. Belongs to the hydraulic pressure fragmentary locking measure. This requirement, in the CE certification is a necessary requirement, so explosion-proof valve * first European invention consumption. Then spread to the state, and to a wide range of applications. The flameproof valve is simple in structure, compact and compact in shape, which can be easily connected to the center of the execution unit.

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