Know how to use hydraulic pressure switch

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Know how to use hydraulic pressure switch

The pressure switch can sense the pressure of the system and send out a switch signal. When the pressure is up, the normally open contact closes and the normally closed contact opens. We can then use it in a procedural way. But in practice, we will encounter some problems.
Firstly, the quality of selected products is defective, which is mainly reflected in the following aspects:
1. Oil leakage. Either the sealing ring is not well chosen or the machining is out of order.
2, the action is not sensitive, the pressure has not signal output. This is a manufacturing problem. Servopiston and u-seal are too tight and the factory did not test when they left the factory.
Send messages before you're stressed. Assembly problems. The micro switch in the pressure relay is not installed properly.
4, the product is not durable, not a few pressure relay action. The manufacturer had no conscience and used poor micro - switches.
The problems listed above are all caused by the supplier. If the user has problems, the pressure relay will not work.
Low-level error:
1. No output signal: the pressure measuring hole was blocked by the raw material belt, and the assembler was not careful.
2, measuring pressure is not allowed: the phenomenon is that the pressure gauge has not yet to the pressure gauge indication, the relay on the signal. In fact, pressure relays operate faster than pressure gauges, especially than oil-filled shock gauges. So maybe the pressure gauge only runs to 10M, and the pressure relay is already 20M.
Advanced error:
1. The pressure drops, and the normally closed contact of the relay does not re-engage. This is because there is a return error problem in the pressure relay, which is related to the process level of the manufacturer. It also has a lot to do with the structure of the pressure relay. At present, the error return of this structure of Taiwan jcs-02 is basically maintained at about 15kgf/cm, which is relatively stable. Other imitations are harder to say. At the same time, because the jcs-02 mechanism is not very reasonable, its performance is unlikely to be excellent. Now the new PS series, is a reference to the German patent structure, motion sensitivity and stability have a qualitative leap. Especially in the low pressure section, that is, 0~50kgf/cm range. The advantage of agility is obvious.
2, pressure relay action is not sensitive, not easy to adjust: the pressure range is not selected correctly. Because springs are not linear, pressure relays are generally graded. It is best to choose the right pressure level. For example, to send signals at 35kgf/cm, the pressure measurement range of jcs-02-nl should be from 5 to 70kgf/cm. If you use jcs-02n, it's not going to work.

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