Introduction to accumulator station and its advantages

Author:FA Date:10/29/2018 7:59:16 AM
Introduction to accumulator station and its advantages

What is a accumulator station? What are the advantages of the accumulator station?
The accumulator station is composed of accumulator (or accumulator group) with gas cylinder group. Its advantages are:
1. Can effectively use the capacity of the accumulator to reduce the cost of the whole system, thus saving the total cost;
2. Compared with the full use of accumulator, the internal structure of the cylinder group is simpler, which can make the system more stable and the maintenance is simpler and more convenient;
3. Because the accumulator in the accumulator station USES a piston accumulator, its service life is longer than that of a skin accumulator and its maintenance is more convenient;
4. Since most of the volume of the system is composed of gas cylinder groups, and the cost is reduced, the piston accumulator can adopt the imported brand, thus improving the life and stability of the whole system. The total cost is still equal to that of the full-used domestic leather accumulator.

The above:Details of the removal and installation of the accumulator

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