How to measure the pressure of the accumulator

Author:Zhou Date:10/17/2018 10:21:06 PM
How to measure the pressure of the accumulator

1. Turn the gas-filling tool handle to the left until the accumulator's filling valve is closed, open the air valve and unscrew the gas-filling tool from the filling valve.

2. Place the accumulator vertically, and screw down the protective nut above the accumulator and the protective nut of the charging valve;
3. Turn the handle of the air charging tool to the left until the top bar is level with the shoulder;
4. Screw the adapter nut (M14*1.5) of the filling valve with the filling valve;
5. Tighten the air release valve;
6. Turn the right inflating tool handle to open the accumulator filling valve and observe the indicator value of the pressure gauge. This value is the inflating pressure value of the accumulator.

The above: Determination of air pressure of accumulator  

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