Gear pump to join the role of the lubrication pump

Author:FA Date:6/14/2019 6:02:54 PM
Gear pump to join the role of the lubrication pump

Gear pump in the addition of lubricating oil has a significant effect, high speed will cause a lot of heat, if not try to remove the heat in time.
The temperature will rise and burn out the parts. Protective effect; Separate parts easy to rust, coated with a layer of grease on the surface, can prevent the gear pump
Rust. Sealing function. In the sealing disc root and sleeve seal coated with grease, can effectively play a sealing role, can prevent leakage, and can be prevented
Dust proof. Washing action: especially in the circulation type thin oil lubrication system, it constantly washes the friction surface, can remove dust and dirt,
So as not to scratch the friction surface. Oil can be used for lubrication, cleaning, cooling, sealing, wear reduction, rust and corrosion prevention. ​
Therefore, it can be concluded that the addition of lubrication gear pump can greatly reduce friction, increase the life of the gear pump, and on the work

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