Discuss the necessity of research and control of hydraulic gear pump noise

Author:Zhou Date:6/23/2019 9:53:57 PM
Discuss the necessity of research and control of hydraulic gear pump noise

Then let our company hydraulic gear manufacturers, to introduce the hydraulic gear pump noise research and control the necessity.

The noise of human environment mainly consists of industrial noise, traffic noise and social noise. With the development of modern industry and the improvement of people's material and cultural life, the number of mechanical equipment, transportation tools and household electrical equipment is increasing, and the noise problem is becoming more and more serious. Noise pollution has become a worldwide problem. In mechanical engineering, it is very important to reduce and control the noise of mechanical equipment, because the noise of mechanical equipment is not only the main component of industrial noise, but also one of the important indicators of the quality of equipment, and directly affects its economic value.

In recent years, as to the direction of high speed, high voltage and high power hydraulic technology development, the noise of the hydraulic system are also increasingly serious, and become the element that hinder the further development of hydraulic technology, so the research and analysis, the mechanism of hydraulic vibration and noise reducing and reduce vibration and noise, and improve the performance of hydraulic system, has a positive and far-reaching significance.

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