Determination of air pressure of accumulator

Author:Zhou Date:10/17/2018 9:13:57 AM
Determination of air pressure of accumulator

The energy accumulator is inflated with a gas-filled tool. When filling the air, turn the air - filling switch slowly. Then open the air switch to release the remaining gas in the air path. In the process of air filling, care should be taken to use the stop valve and pressure reducing valve between the gas filling tool and the nitrogen bottle. Before inflating, start the stop valve first, then slowly open the pressure reducing valve, and slowly inflate to avoid damage to the capsule. Close the stop valve when the pressure gauge pointer indicates that the inflation pressure has reached. Then close the air - filling switch and the air - filling ends.
The gas pressure of the accumulator used for different USES is as follows:
1. If the accumulator is used to compensate the pressure deformation caused by the temperature deformation of the closed circuit, its air pressure shall be equal to or slightly lower than the minimum pressure of the circuit.
2. When the accumulator is used to mitigate the impact, it usually takes the working pressure at the installation place or slightly higher pressure as the air pressure.
3. When the accumulator is used to absorb the pressure pulsation of the hydraulic pump, the aeration pressure is generally 60% of the average pulsation pressure.
4. When the accumulator is used to store energy, the pressure at the end of inflation shall not exceed 90% of the lowest working pressure of the hydraulic system, but shall not be lower than 25% of the highest working pressure.

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